The Strange Case Of The “Out Of His Mind” Carpenter

Nasal Space Observatory.

Three scientists are at work.
It seemed like an ordinary day.
Suddenly, unexpected news.
A difficult adventure begins.
Among bulky trolleys…
Repairs to be done…
Particle accelerators, and portable radio telescopes.
A race against time…
With elevators out of order…
Taxis on the run…
Impatient drivers…
Impossible check-ins…
Dangerous chocolate bars…
But in the total chaos, a discovery…
a used book… also on sale… bought by mistake… that could change their lives.
Will our clumsy travelers manage to arrive in time?
Will these three brilliant, but somewhat clouded, minds find the path to the truth?
Join us in investigating the strange case of the out-of-his-mind carpenter, with our detective… Fagiolino!

The evangelists wrote the gospels! Part 2

In the first part we saw the evidence on the authorship of the gospels. Despite this, if you still have doubts, today we will try to put ourselves in the conspirators shoes. Just like McFly we’ll return to an alternative second century, where the gospels are anonymous and where a group of church fathers puts into practice the most unworkable and useless plan in the history of successful plans. To find out how it went, let’s ask to our comedian…. Fagiolino!

The evangelists wrote the gospels!

Strange, but some sceptics read the gospels. As they didn’t find any author’s name in them, they claimed that those texts are anonymous.
Scholars then revealed the great mystery. Opening the Bible, we find the authors written in the index. They are in the titles. In the index! This is funny! Maybe they forgot to read that page?
Apparently the author’s name as the title of the book is not enough for them as a guarantee.
In this, perhaps, we can understand their reasons, since there are other ‘fake’ gospels falsely attributed to the apostles.
So today we are going to see the evidence supporting the evangelists as authors of the gospels.
A round of applause for our comedian… Fagiolino!

The apostles did not lie

I have something to confess… Sometimes I’m sceptical… with sceptics!
Because, sometimes, they say things that are a little hard to believe…
None of the twelve apostles would was smart enough to write the gospels, but, at the same time, they were so smart, to make up the greatest scam of all time.
A conspiracy so well thought out, it remains standing to this day.
The same twelve who thought that the yeast of the Pharisees was an ingredient for bread, would succeed in deceiving millions of people, during the following two millennia of history.
But these misunderstood geniuses, and scam artists, had an Achilles’ heel.
They could scam the richest people in the ancient world, and become rich.
They could scam the Roman Empire, and become powerful.
Instead they chose to use all their intelligence, art, ability to lie, and energy, to… irritate the Pharisees?
What would it be to have all the women, money and power in the world compared to the satisfaction that the apostles felt, seeing those hypocritical and haughty faces, blushing with anger under those funny hats?
A round of applause for our scam artist… Fagiolino!

Sceptics, Gospels, and the telephone game.

It’s your birthday. Your friends have a surprise party for you. You come back home. You enter the door. It’s all dark, then someone turns on the light, and… Surprise! The song is sung, the candles are blown out, the cake is eaten. And finally the skeptics’ favorite moment… The telephone game!

The first wishpers something in the next’s ear, the message travels through the queue untill the last one who says the message out loud. That’s funny! The message has been distorted. Everyone laughs.
According to skeptics, this is what happened with the gospels before they were written. Is it true that we can make this comparison?

Did we drank it like we did wirh the orange juice?
Or did they exaggerated with the prosecco?

Discover, with us, what game Jesus, the apostles and the early church played in the first century… A round of applause for our comedian… Fagiolino!

The gospels have been transmitted accurately

What’s the difference between the New Testament and a Holliwood star’s face? That the New Testament, over two thousand years, has never changed; while on the star’s face, over the years, you’re going to find more and more… Embellishments!

Skeptics say that the gospels have been embellished over the centuries. According to them scribes would have added supernatural elements. In this post we will see that even atheist scholars, after analyzing almost six thousand Greek manuscripts, discovered that the copies are all the same. This disproves the idea of ​​late additions. We’ll also see how the New Testament is the most accurately transmitted ancient text.

A skeptic, in crisis, is thinking: maybe it’s not a conspiracy. If the Bible is true I should repent and obey God. This implies that… It is a conspiracy!

A round of applause for our comedian… Little Bean!

Gospels are early witnesses

A skeptic falls ill with a fatal disease, before dying, frightened, he prays to the Lord. God heals him, and the doctor, the next day, tells him that his healing is scientifically inexplicable. The skeptic finally believes… That he is a brain in a vat!
Skeptics say that the gospels are just legends because they were written too late.
In this post we will see that there is evidence to show that the gospels were written 10 to 30 years after the resurrection of Jesus.
A skeptic says that the gospel writers were like those guys who make up exaggerated stories to impress their friends at the bar. Ok… But if you want to be correct, in the analogy, that guy… Has real evidence!

The sepulchre is not a myth

Skeptics say that Jesus’ resurrection is just a legend. According to them, the resurrection was invented only centuries after his death. But wait… There is a small problem: the empty tomb has reached us, and anyone today can visit it in Jerusalem. The skeptic replies that it could be any tomb. Truly? Just any grave? in a garden near Golgotha? Coincidentally, precisely in the location described in the gospels? Visited since the first century by Christians? Some skeptic or a Roman emperor might decide to cover up this problem. Discover all the evidence here in our post on the tomb of Jesus.

Reconstruction of Jesus’ resurrection

Sometimes when we read the Bible, we find some apparent contradictions. One of these cases is the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection from the four gospels.
Gospels talk like my wife when she told me her sister got a new dog, omitting that she has bought three for her.
But, as we can truth the Bible, we know that all four gospels are telling the truth from different points of view. So I reconstructed a timeline of all the events and explained what could have actually happened.
So let’s dive into what Pilate, the priests, the guard, the women and the disciples may have thougth during the most incredible and powerful event of all history.

Big Bang is illogical

Many, convinced by textbooks, agree that the universe came from something like a great explosion commonly called the Big Bang.
Did I say something? Sorry, actually it’s nothing.
Scient-atheists (that’s how we’ll call them) are convinced that galaxies are moving away from each other. For this, they argue that, in the past, the whole universe was compressed into a point with infinite density. This is called singularity. But here their explanation ends, because the singularity would have appeared out of nothing.
Is it really possible for something to come out of nothing and for no reason? Find out here at the savedblog…